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Manufacture and Sale of FOOD TRUCKS

Buying a LACOMMA food truck is the best option to start a business on wheels, they have their own style, they are original and with the lowest price.

We are your trusted manufacturer, we clearly advise you to choose among all the food truck models the one that best suits you and your business idea.

We propose solutions, we eliminate problems


If you are wondering how to start a food truck business, you should know that there are many variables to take into account. Buying the vehicle is the most expensive part and also the most time consuming.

At LACOMMA we focus on the essentials to reduce costs so that you can move forward quickly. We advise you to choose the type of food truck you need.

If you have done a little research, you will know that LACOMMA food truck has the best prices in Europe. Cheaper even than a second-hand food truck and with the permits included.

All LACOMMA models include: European approval 4051, European sanitary certificate, electrical installation with light bulletin and the basic equipment to start working.

We make it easy for you

Buy your Food Truck with All Permits

European homologation

Homologation 4051 to travel and work in the European Union.

European Health Certificate

In compliance with the EU sanitary hygiene regulations.

Electrical installation

LED lamps, plugs, extractor hood … and light bulletin

Each food truck is delivered with a Technical Data Sheet, EU Traffic Permit and C.O.C. (Certificate of Community Origin)

Buy a LACOMMA food truck for € 6,990 + VAT

The LACOMMA FIT is our cheapest food truck. It is made of an ultralight material and only weighs 290Kg.

The price includes the 4051 homologation, technical sheet, circulation permit, electrical installation health certificate and light bulletin. With these permits you can work anywhere in Europe.

2 m. x 2 m. x 2,10 m. (LENGTH x WIDTH X HEIGHT)

Choose between the 5 colors included in the price.

Fit Truck

What our clients say about us

Gina Portugal food truck
Gina M. (Portugal)

I recommend LACOMMA Food Trucks for their good value for money. I bought an LT and I am super satisfied. Very nice and with good space to work and place all the necessary equipment.

food truck rouge ouverte
Chantal S. (Francia)

I was looking for an original food truck model at an affordable price. I fell in love when I saw the LACOMMA models. My food truck leaves no one indifferent and my activity has grown rapidly.

barista gianni
Gianni C. (Italia)

I met LACOMMA during the 2020 pandemic. At first I was very indecisive but over time I opened up and trusted them. Thanks to my food truck and LACOMMA, my dream has come true!

Meet our Food Truck MODELS

Find the food truck model that best suits your type of business and your budget.

What is the price of LACOMMA food trucks?

You can see the prices of each model in the dossier.
They are closed prices. We do not include cooking machines for several reasons:

Cheaper for you. We do not add on any costs, you choose where you buy the machines and how much you spend.
▷ Quick use of the guarantee. Buying the machines near your area allows you to redeem the warranty more quickly.
▷ The perfect machinery for you. We provide all the measurements so you can find what best suits your tastes and budget.