A team with
more than 25 years
of experience

LACOMMA Food Trucks is a trademark of Terrón Nieves SL, an automotive company founded in 1998.

The company was incorporated in Huelva where it was operational as a workshop and dealer for numerous well known top brands.

After becoming an established business in the market, the company took advantage of its success to expand into the real estate, audiovisual and hospitality sectors.

In 2015 we set out with the vision to build a food truck in order to take our hospitality brand to every corner of Spain. What we encountered was that this process proved extremely difficult even for a company with experience in the industry and sufficient resources.

The lack of clear information combined with ambiguous Spanish legislation and a wide variety of vehicle types made everything a very challenging landscape to navigate.

It was at this moment that we decided to launch LACOMMA. After experiencing first hand the difficulty associated with entering this world of #foodtruckers in Spain it became clear that there was a gap in the market. With the industry already thriving in other parts of the world we decided to analyse the market and forge the path for those wanting to own a food truck business.

Our goal was to provide a clear and easy process to help customers navigate everything from vehicle type choice and manufacture right through to providing the necessary certificates and permits.

venda food truck

Our first food truck started its activity in 2017 and it was a refurbished Ford Transit MK2 motorhome of Italian origin. The truck being of such origin was very much viewed as a positive thing until we discovered that here in Spain as a foreign vehicle it requires a special permit almost incompatible with using it as a food truck.

It did not take long before we realised that the expenses soon outweighed the profit, and with the vehicle unable to function as a food truck pending various permits it became unviable. We managed to reduce overall expenses by purchasing a different food truck, this time a renovated caravan.

This vehicle type had many advantages although it proved not especially robust and we were forced to discard it after some exterior damage with the cost of repair too expensive to make it feasible. Before resuming normal business activity we decided to analyse all of the problems in order to understand what our new food truck would need to deliver for us.


We discovered a food truck modeled on a type of horse trailer that offered  many advantages. After making several modifications and improvements to the horse van and seeing the amazing reception it received in various events, we decided to launch them into series production. Manufacturing in bulk makes the construction process cheaper, meaning that starting a food truck business has never been more affordable or easier, which is the true mission of this part of the company. Affordable because of our extremely competitive price point and easy in that our food trucks include the European approval 4051 for street vending, light bulletin, European health certificate and the basic equipment.

In early 2020 the part of the company specialising in this area became an entity in its own right incorporated as LACOMMA Food Truck SL within the Terrón Nieves SL group. LACOMMA continues to grow and improve creating numerous new food truck models. We are constantly expanding our team, equipment and facilities in order to optimize the investment of our customers and to digitalise many aspects of our customer service and support.

Our Mission

Facilitate access to the food truck and street food world by reducing startup costs, simplifying bureaucratic procedures and offering clear information.